In Al Schmitt on Vocal and Instrumental Recording Techniques, legendary producer and engineer Al Schmitt takes us into the studio and shares his process of selecting a microphone and shows us how to get the best sounds. Considerations such as song style, instrumentation, and the recording space itself are taken into account when making mic choices and determining the best placement for each. Schmitt demonstrates how to achieve the best sounds for a number of instruments – including drums, bass, piano, guitars (both acoustic and electric), organs, and horns – across many genres of music.

Drawing on decades of experience in the studio, Schmitt brings a unique and invaluable perspective to not only making mic choices and their placement but also the importance of interacting with musicians – taking their vision and preferences into account to create the most comfortable and effective recording experience for all involved.

Also featured in Micing is an interview of Schmitt conducted by fellow METAlliance producer and engineer Ed Cherney.

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